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What evidence supports the fact that Ayah al Wilayah (5:55) refers to Imam Ali (A)?

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What evidence supports the fact that Ayah al Wilayah (5:55) refers to Imam Ali (A)?

Post  vidich132 on 2011-12-16, 9:02 pm

The evidence available from Shia sources is overwhelming and reaches the level of certainty (twatur) according to our scholars. As far as Sunni sources, some of their top scholars have said that it is agreed upon among the interpreters of the Quran that the verse came down when Ali (A) gave his ring as Sadaqa (recommended zakah). These scholars include Alqadhi Alyeeji (Almawaqif fi Ilm Alkalam, 405), Alshareef Aljerjani (Sharh Almawqif 8.360), Sa'd Aldeen Altaqtazani (Sharh Almaqasid 5.170), Abdul Ala' Alqawshaji (Sharh Altajreed, 360).

In additon the story regarding the verse has been narrated by many Sunni scholars. Those include: Alhafidh Alsan'ani (the teacher of Albukhari), Alhafidh Abulhameed, Alhafidh Zainuldeen Alandulusi, Alhafidh Alnisa'i (the author of one of the 6 most authentic Sunni Hadeeth books), Alhafidh Altabari (the famous historian), Jalaludeen Alsyooti and many more. One of the most famous books of interpreting the Quran Rooh Alma'ani said that most of the Hadeeths support that the verse was revealed about Ali (A).


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